Calling all Golfers!

Don’t forget to practice your game ahead of what we hope will be a reasonably dry spring. Rushden Golf Range has a new batch of quality, shiny Srixon balls to help with your accuracy and for your comfort our auto-tees (touch wood!) are operating to allow you to concentrate fully on the next shot.

For those visitors who are so far unaware, we would like to introduce you to Austin Curtis (pictured above), our resident PGA accredited Golf Professional who is available for you to ask any questions you may have about your technique or shot making. Austin’s style of tuition on offer at Rushden Golf Range is to try to gently build on the swing you have, are comfortable with, and only at a rate which suits your available practise /play time , this is far more productive than starting the ‘swing-build’ process all over again! Essential on course training is also available at a local golf course too. We believe Austin Curtis’ fees are the most competitive in the area for a top qualified and experienced PGA Pro, and he is definitely a coach who is suited to those who may be cautious of receiving lessons (but realise their need for them is all-too-great!)

Austin has an intro offer currently that allows you to upgrade your lesson time from 30mins to 60mins Free of Charge , offer ends soon !

Contact Austin via email or tel 07986448200

We are asked about our grass tees at this time of year, and we’re pleased to say that we shall be able to open these as soon as the top-dressing and gentle aeration has had time to take effect and the grass starts to grow well….and the heavy rain keeps at bay for just a couple of weeks, too. Our opening date estimate is ‘early to mid April’.

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